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Dock list and fees

Recommended for people like this.

□ There are noticeable symptoms

 Shortness of breath, Chest discomfort, Chest pain
dizziness, light-headed
□ Those who have a history of heart disease
□Those who have been diagnosed with hypertension / hyperlipidemia / hyperglycemia by health examination
□ Those who often drink alcohol
□ Those who smoke 
□ Those who live irregularly such as lack of sleep
□ Those who are over 40 years old

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

Recommended by CVIC doctors!
Premium Dock
Heart Dock + Brain Dock + Arteriosclerosis Measurement

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区


A state of the art dock that packages arteriosclerosis measurements for a more detailed diagnosis of future risks, in addition to the basic cardiac and brain docks. (No contrast medium, low exposure)

Time required: 4 hours  
Amount: \ 174,000 (tax included \ 191,400)

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

CVIC most popular!
Heart + brain dock

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区


Common arteriosclerosis is closely associated with heart and brain diseases.
It is an efficient dock that requires only one common inspection. 

Time required : about 3 hours 
Amount: \ 144,000 (tax included
\ 158, 4 00)

Heart dock

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区


A test to find out if the coronary arteries that surround the heart are narrowed or clogged, the cause of angina or myocardial infarction, or heart abnormalities in the early stages of asymptomatic. (No contrast medium, low exposure)

Time required: about 3 hours 
Amount: \ 115,000 (Tax included
 \ 126, 5 00)

Target: Myocardial infarction, angina, cardiomyopathy, Kawasaki disease, valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, dangerous arrhythmia, malformations and other people who are worried about radiation exposure can also choose a cardiac dock without CT.

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

Brain dock

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区


Investigate small asymptomatic lesions, such as narrowing or clogging of blood vessels in the brain or neck, or bumps that cause subarachnoid hemorrhage. (No contrast agent, no exposure)

Time required :2 hours 
Amount: \ 29,800 (iT
ax included \ 32, 78 0)

Target: Stroke, cerebral infarction, atherosclerosis, asymptomatic, cerebral infarction, unruptured aneurysm, cerebral vascular stenosis, brain tumor, malformation, etc.)

Inspections carried out at each dock

Each test has its own characteristics. A dock that combines optimal tests will make a more effective diagnosis.


Cardiac MRI



Coronary MRA

It accurately diagnoses the pump function of the heart and the movement of the myocardial wall, and can diagnose heart shape abnormalities and functions.

The coronary arteries of the heart are by 3D images and diagnose presence of stenosis without use contrast agents.

Brain MRI

Cerebrovascular MRA

The ability to detect cerebral hemorrhage is higher than CT, and can grasp the condition of cerebral infarction.

It can be  perform 3D imaging of cerebral vessels without use contrast agents. Also detected cerebral aneurysms/ stenosis.

Neck MRA


A 3D image of the cervical blood vessels is taken without using a contrast medium to diagnose and diagnose the condition of the cervical blood vessels that cause cerebral infarction.


(Coronary artery calcification score)

It measures the coronary artery calcification score, which is the only predictor of sudden cardiac death. A low-exposure CT measures the total amount of calcium in the coronary arteries and predicts the risk of heart disease.
(If you are worried about radiation exposure, you can choose a cardiac dock light that does not have this test.)

Body fat (internal / subcutaneous) measurement

It is a general abdominal visceral fat measurement test by CT examine. Internal fat accumulation is also a risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Cervical echo

Diagnose the abnormality/function of the heart shape and can diagnose valve open/closing movement, blood flow and return.

This is a method that quickly detect carotid arteriosclerosis. Echo diagnose risk factors for myocardial/cerebral infarction.


We will perform basic tests to check for heart disease and arrhythmia from the flow of electricity in the heart.

ABI (Vascular Age Test)

We will check the pulse wave and compare the blood pressure. It can be detected the arteriosclerosis & early vascular damage.

Blood test

(CVIC set)

A test that detects the increase or decrease in hormones (BNP) secreted by the heart and proteins that increase during inflammation can estimate the risk of myocardial infarction and angina.

Each Dock Option・ Time・ Fee

Note: The time required and the fee are for residents in Japan.
For overseas residents, the fee will change depending on the cost of sending,result and other conditions.
Please contact us for more information.


For those who live in Japan and do not have a Japanese health insurance card 


For reservations from individuals or agents who make reservations, in addition to the above amount,
① "Interpretation fee" and "Translation fee" are required separately. 
(2) A separate fee will be charged for courses and contents not listed in the above price list.

Please checking again when visiting the dock