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Japanese Medical Needs: Possibility of Cardiac Checkups

“New needs for healthcare in Japan”

What I have noticed since starting CVIC is the changing needs for medical care in Japan.

Japan achieved rapid economic growth after World War II, and now proudly joins the ranks of developed countries. Recently, it has been overtaken by emerging economies such as China, South Korea and India, but it remains the most economically successful country in Asia. I think that the desire for “more valuable things” and “higher performance and higher quality things” is on the rise.

Recently, I have been practicing medicine, and I often feel that the demands for medical care are definitely changing day by day. One of them is the need to be satisfied with a proper diagnosis, explanation, and treatment, even if it is a little expensive. Of course, CVIC is unique in that it specializes in cardiac imaging diagnosis, but when I ask other doctors, I feel that there are certainly many such requests.


There is no doubt that Japan's medical system has played both a role and a double role since the end of World War II in providing uniform medical care at a low cost. It's a wonderful system that can be proud of the world. However, it is also a fact that there are harmful effects because there is only a single system. I think many doctors in the field are aware that it is quite difficult to continue to provide the latest and most complicated medical care within Japan's health insurance system. I feel that this anxiety is not unrelated to the problems of Japanese medical care, such as the shortage of doctors and the collapse of medical care in rural areas.


Japan is no longer a poor developing country. Japan has the highest deposit rate among developed countries. I think more and more people want to use that money for something worthwhile. That is wonderful. I think the problem is whether we, the medical providers, can provide what it deserves. We believe that there will continue to be an increasing need for consultations, examinations and tests, and the selection of optimal preventive and therapeutic methods, which is different from the health insurance medical system, which requires treatment within a short period of time.

In order to meet these needs, we would like to incorporate the latest technology and knowledge into the heart checkup provided by CVIC and evolve it every day. At CVIC, we aim to provide inspections and explanations that clarify what you should do now in order to be a bright and healthy self five or ten years from now.

​Medical Corporation CVIC Chairman Masahiro Terashima

[Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi -CVIC-] Specialist team for cardiac MRI examinations, heart check-ups, and image diagnosis | Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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