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  • You can make an examination reservation immediately, and the diagnosis result at the time of examination
    Because we specialize in heart examinations, we can quickly make appointments for examinations and provide diagnostic results on the day of the examination. ---In many medical facilities--- The examination department and diagnostic department are separated, and the examination department conducts not only cardiovascular examinations but also examinations of other clinical departments at the same time. Therefore, it takes time to make an appointment for the test and get the diagnosis result.
  • Fast test and diagnostic results
    CVIC specializes in cardiac examinations, so it has a high level of experience and realizes speedy image processing. Cardiac CTInspection reservation within 3 daysInspection time 15 minutesDiagnosis result On the day (30 minutes to 1 hour after completion of examination) cardiac MRIInspection appointment Within 1 to 2 weeksInspection time 40 to 60 minutesDiagnosis result On the day (30 minutes to 1 hour after completion of examination) ---In many medical facilities--- Time required for test/diagnosis results Cardiac CTTest reservation 1 month waitInspection time 15 minutesDiagnosis result 2-3 days cardiac MRIMost medical institutions do not support testingExam reservation 2 to 3 months waiting periodInspection time 1 hour to 1.5 hoursDiagnosis result 1 week
  • Accurate diagnostic results
    At CVIC, we are cultivating judgment and technical skills through our accumulated experience, and we are able to provide accurate diagnoses promptly.
  • Cardiac MRI examination without contrast agent
    Empirically-backed cardiac imaging diagnostic technology captures clear images even in MRI examinations that do not use contrast agents. ---In many medical facilities--- Currently, there are few medical institutions that can take clear images without using contrast agents.
[Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi -CVIC-] Specialist team for cardiac MRI examinations, heart check-ups, and image diagnosis | Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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