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CVIC Doctors

Greetings from Chairman Masahiro Terashima

Cardiac imaging is contributes to the prevention of heart disease. 

"I want to provide the greatest cardiac diagnostic imaging to as many patients as possible." In order to realize this wish, we decided to open a cardiac imaging center "Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi" in Tokyo.
In recent years, the diagnostic imaging technology of imaging the heart has made rapid progress. For example, CT and MRI can be examined with minimal exposure and pain. At CVIC, can take 3D images of the coronary arteries and heart in a short period of time.  Also can combine CT and MRI to master the movement and shape of the heart in three dimensions (3D).

[Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi -CVIC-] Specialist team for cardiac MRI examinations, heart checkups, and image diagnosis | Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Cardiac imaging has potential in the prevention and early detection of heart disease. I have been engaged in clinical and research work related to cardiac imaging at Stanford University for seven years, and have great expectations and confidence. The purpose of returning home this time is to give back the experience and research results to Japanese medical care and solve the problem of cardiac imaging. I believe that Japan's excellent medical technology can be confidently expanded overseas. With the cooperation of medical professionals, I am willing to work hard to expand the goal of "providing as many patients as possible with the latest and greatest cardiac imaging."

[Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi -CVIC-] Specialist team for cardiac MRI examinations, heart check-ups, and image diagnosis | Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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