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Understanding dementia and brain health

"Dementia risk management analysis"

In Japan, it is said that "1 in 4 elderly people will develop dementia*1 in 10 years", which will incur a huge social cost (14.5 trillion yen per year). It is characterized by the gradual accumulation of brain damage for more than 10 years before the onset of the disease, and once it develops, there is no effective treatment.

*1: Including Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), which is considered to be dementia-prone (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Health and Welfare Bureau for the Elderly "Regarding Comprehensive Promotion of Dementia Measures")

This is the latest analysis option that will be available from September 2022, when options can be added to CVIC's premium medical checkup, cardio-brain medical checkup, and brain medical checkup.

(Results related to this analysis cannot be viewed in the explanation of the results on the day. A detailed report* will be attached when the final report is sent.)

*This latest analysisAnalysis service of M Co., Ltd.Brain dock images taken with CVIC will be sent to and analyzed for CVIC patients.

MORI Susumu, PhD.jpg

"AI analysis for whole brain"

"World's First Big Data Dementia Analysis"

Product/Service by Susumu Mori

Professor, Department of Radiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Director, High-Resolution MRI Center, Johns Hopkins University Director, Brain Imaging Center, Johns Hopkins University


The biggest benefit from "me-byo" data

In Japan, since there is a large amount of brain dock data for "pre-disease", it is possible to objectively relate to dementia by simply adding this optional analysis, from pre-symptomatic symptoms, risk of occurrence, and lesions. We will analyze the risks and report them to our patients in a visible way.


Quantifying brain health

This analysis service uses AI technology licensed from Johns Hopkins University to analyze and quantify brain atrophy, types, and degrees of vascular lesions that are widely seen in dementia. I will deliver.

​ In addition, please feel free to contact us regarding lifestyle improvement methods related to the results and follow-up that suits your needs.


"Importance" to start now

Optional analysis is the latest analysis that can be offered from now on. By stockpiling your own brain health from the "now", when the accumulation of past data called "big data" and its analysis method has been established, you will be able to prepare for the next year, the year after next, and 5 and 10 years from now. We approach QOL (Quality Of Life), and are positioned to be an analysis that will serve as a guidepost for everyone's healthy life just by continuing regularly to prevent the "now" from deteriorating all the time.

A few drops of thinking ability and age/reading ability and age.jpg

Reading comprehension and numeracy (a measure of age-related changes in the brain)

It is said that after the age of 20, the number of nerve cells in the brain decreases. Of course, most people are concerned about cerebral vascular diseases, tumors, and other lesions at the age when they start undergoing brain checkups, but additional analysis of the same brain MRI image alone can reveal these types of brain health conditions. Risk assessment is also possible.

​You can get the analysis results by simply applying for the option without adding any special tests.

source:Cabinet Office White Paper on the Aging Society 2018 (whole version)


Adding “brain health” analysis to diseases latent in the blood vessels of the brain

The brain checkups that CVIC routinely provides focus on cardiovascular risk assessment, especially in relation to the heart.

With the advent of analysis approaches such as "dementia" and "brain age," which have been difficult to respond to until now,​You can learn things you didn't know before by taking one shot, and use it for preventive medicine aiming for a "healthy life."


It will be an option for the brain dock examination that will be implemented from September 2022.

(Premium checkup, heart + brain checkup, brain checkup)

If you have had a brain checkup in the past and would like to analyze the images from that time, please contact us when you apply for a new checkup.

Brain/AI (artificial intelligence) diagnosis

55,000 yen (tax included)

Image analysis at the time of brain checkup in the past

(Images from other medical institutions are also possible)
44,000 yen (tax included)

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