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Introducing CVIC

Early detection of heart disease
Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Japan after cancer, and the need for early detection and treatment is increasing. We are working with a wide range of radiologists and cardiologists every day,  to make the CVIC test useful to as many patients.We will continue to contribute to the advancement of medical care in Japan ,through the spread of cardiac imaging and further cutting-edge technological innovation.

About Heart Imaging Clinic Iidabashi -CVIC-

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

About CVIC?

The cardiovascular imaging clinic opened in November 2009 as an imaging diagnostic center. It uses advanced medical equipment MRI / CT to visualize the inside of the human body in 3D. This is the first facility in Japan And also rare in the world.

In 2014, the examination and the medical care department were made independent and started as a medical corporation CVIC.

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

Early diagnosis of heart disease is possible by
seeing and examining

Among the organs of the body, it is especially difficult to image the heart, the technique of which has not been established until recently. However, in the past few years, advances in diagnostic imaging technology have made it possible to diagnose the heart in 3D or moving images, enabling early detection of heart disease.

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

Advanced cardiac imaging in Japan

in Japan, the use of MRI, especially cardiac imaging has not been widely used. This is because the technology is so advanced and labor intensive that almost no engineers can use it. As a result, many people die of sudden heart disease one day without even knowing they have heart disease.

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

We will provide the latest and best cardiac imaging for you

The Cardiac Imaging Center of CVIC was first initiated by Dr. Masahiro Terashima, an authority on cardiac imaging in Japan. After 7 years’ clinical study and research on cardiac MRI technology in Stanford University, U.S., Dr. Masahiro found that the most up-to-date cardiac imaging technology could realize early diagnosis of heart disease. In order to popularize his research achievements and promote this advanced technology, Dr. Masahiro returned to his homeland in 2009 and set up Japan’s first specialized cardiac imaging center in Tokyo so as to commit himself to the borderless cause of diagnosing patients globally with state-of-the-art imaging diagnostic technology.

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

We will quickly respond to clinical needs

The imaging department of a general hospital must handle inspections in all departments, not just the heart department. Therefore, it is difficult to put the examination heart first, which is difficult and takes a long time. CVIC considers finding out about heart symptoms quickly, the heart department puts it first.

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

The accumulation of achievements further improve our technical level

Many cases sent from general hospitals are difficult to check and diagnose. By accurately performing 2680 cardiac MRI examinations and image diagnosis every year, the technical level and judgment level of CVIC are improving every day. CVIC's cardiac imaging technology and high image quality have won praise from other hospitals.

As a new CVIC group

The first floor was established as the inspection department of the "Medical Clinic Iidabashi" of the CIVIC Group. adopted the latest machines MRI 2 and CT1.


The clinical ward of the fourth floor CVIC group has been opened as "Iidabashi Heart Clinic". In a spacious space, an environment is created where doctors can carefully check and accurately check images.


The new CVIC Group on both the first and fourth floors will provide more accurate testing and diagnosis.

Characteristics of CVIC medical care

  • You can make an examination reservation immediately, and the diagnosis result at the time of examination
    Because we specialize in heart examinations, we can quickly make appointments for examinations and provide diagnostic results on the day of the examination. ---In many medical facilities--- The examination department and diagnostic department are separated, and the examination department conducts not only cardiovascular examinations but also examinations of other clinical departments at the same time. Therefore, it takes time to make an appointment for the test and get the diagnosis result.
  • Fast test and diagnostic results
    CVIC specializes in cardiac examinations, so it has a high level of experience and realizes speedy image processing. Cardiac CTInspection reservation within 3 daysInspection time 15 minutesDiagnosis result On the day (30 minutes to 1 hour after completion of examination) cardiac MRIInspection appointment Within 1 to 2 weeksInspection time 40 to 60 minutesDiagnosis result On the day (30 minutes to 1 hour after completion of examination) ---In many medical facilities--- Time required for test/diagnosis results Cardiac CTTest reservation 1 month waitInspection time 15 minutesDiagnosis result 2-3 days cardiac MRIMost medical institutions do not support testingExam reservation 2 to 3 months waiting periodInspection time 1 hour to 1.5 hoursDiagnosis result 1 week
  • Accurate diagnostic results
    At CVIC, we are cultivating judgment and technical skills through our accumulated experience, and we are able to provide accurate diagnoses promptly.
  • Cardiac MRI examination without contrast agent
    Empirically-backed cardiac imaging diagnostic technology captures clear images even in MRI examinations that do not use contrast agents. ---In many medical facilities--- Currently, there are few medical institutions that can take clear images without using contrast agents.
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
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