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What is cardiac imaging?

Cardiac image diagnosis is a medical technique that photographs the inside of the body to diagnose whether there are any abnormalities. It does not hurt the body and causes almost no pain, it is effective for early detection of tumors such as cancer, obstruction of blood vessels, and aneurysms. CT and MRI have become an important diagnostic method indispensable in the current medical field.
In particular, recent advances in medical care have made it possible to reproduce the heart, which was difficult to image because it is constantly beating, in three-dimensional (3D) video, which is called advanced cardiac imaging. 

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CT ( Computed Tomography

It is a diagnostic method that uses X-rays to image the inside of the body. Computer analysis is performed on the data obtained by irradiating X-rays from various angles, and a cross section of the body is imaged. By stacking these sliced images, the organs can be depicted three-dimensionally from all angles and directions, the organs can be moved on the screen, viewed from the back or bottom, and movies can be reproduced.

What can be get from cardiac CT 

A CT scan of the heart can almost accurately diagnose how narrow the coronary arteries (the arteries surrounding the heart) are (stenosis). You can also see the size of the aortic aneurysm and whether it is prone to rupture. It is also ideal for observing the progress of stent placement and bypass surgery to widen the stenosis.

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MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging )

It is a test that uses the force of magnetism to analyze and image signals from hydrogen atoms in the body. Unlike CT, it is not exposed to X-rays and can be imaged without using a contrast medium, so it can be said that it is the most suitable examination for examinations where regular examinations are important. There are many shooting methods, and you can get more detailed images of the heart in addition to stereoscopic images and videos.

What can be get from cardiac MRI 

The blood flow and movement of the heart wall, the state of pump function are can be clearly depicted without using contrast medium.

It is also possible to detect myocardial infarction and image the blood flow state without using a contrast medium.

What is the difference between CT and MRI?
The greatest feature of cardiac MRI is that it provides a high probability of the presence or absence of coronary artery lesions even if it is completely asymptomatic. You can also get information on the movement of the heart and blood flow.


Cardiac CT is characterized by providing high-quality detailed information above a certain level, which is useful for diagnosing known coronary artery lesions, with high probability. Cardiac CT is a very simple and useful test method used in various medical institutions, but it requires various ingenuity to take clear images. In addition, there are problems such as X-ray exposure and risk to the body due to contrast media, and if you want to perform the test because you are a little uneasy, or if you have a cardiac CT test at a stage where the initial signs are not clear, it is more risky than the information available. Is larger and is not recommended.

On the other hand, cardiac MRI is unfortunately not something that can be performed at any medical facility because imaging and analysis techniques are extremely difficult. In daily medical care, it is important to select a medical facility that has accumulated various experiences and has solid technology.

CT and MRI have their advantages and disadvantages due to their respective characteristics. Depending on the symptom and the condition of the disease, a combination of both may be used to make an advanced diagnosis.

[Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi -CVIC-] Specialist team for cardiac MRI examinations, heart check-ups, and image diagnosis | Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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