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Important Notice for CVIC Checkup
CVIC heart checkup
Points to note before visiting the doctor


A big big thank you!

Thank you very much for your introduction and application to CVIC's heart checkup. The inspections conducted at CVIC have an inspection system that prioritizes safety. In order to proceed with the inspection more safely and smoothly, there are some important precautions and conventions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding these points. Please be sure to check the details regarding precautions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

~ Medical Corporation CVIC Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi ~

 Points to note when requesting a heart checkup or brain checkup using MRI at CVIC 

Those who meet the following criteria may not be able to undergo an MRI scan. If any of the items apply to you, please consult with us beforehand. (While scanning/examination may be possible in some cases, the images may also turn out unclear. Please understand this in advance.)


  • You have a pacemaker implanted in your heart

  • You have some kind of metal in your body (such as an implant, clip, bolt, plate, etc.)

  • You have tattoos or other body art

  • You are or may be pregnant

  • You have had surgery or been diagnosed with and treated for a heart condition

  • You have previously been denied an MRI scan at another medical facility

Commitments Towards Your Appointment Date for Better Scan Images

Please be sure to bring

Those living in Japan

  • Medical Insurance card

  • Other Picture ID

Your health insurance card may be used on the day of your medical checkup if any illnesses are discovered that require a referral or other paperwork. We may also request to see a photo ID (such as a My Number card, driver's license, passport, etc.) to confirm your appointment details and identity.

Those residing in a foreign country

  • ​Passport

  • Other Picture ID

To confirm your appointment details and identity, we ask that you present the passport or photo ID (must have a photo) that you provided at the time of prior registration.

Common to all

  • ​Glasses cases and contact lens cases

  • ​Emergency contact information in case of emergency

You may be asked to remove eyeglasses and other items before scanning. To prevent damage or loss, we recommend bringing a glasses case or other protective container. Please also prepare emergency contact information for a family member or acquaintance we can reach out to if necessary.

Dietary Restrictions Before Your Scan (Pre-Scan Meal Guidelines)

The previous day (1 day before the test date)

  • No: Caffeine

  • ​No: Alcohol

Please cooperate with the following to help ensure the quality of your scan.

Please refrain from consuming caffeine starting 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. You should also particularly refrain from drinking alcohol. There are no restrictions on regular meals.

On the day (on the day of the test)

  • ​No: Alcohol

  • ​OK: Daily medicine, etc.

Please finish a light meal up to 4 hours before your scheduled appointment time on the scan day. You may consume non-caffeinated drinks and water normally until then. However, you will need to refrain from drinking water from the end of the scan until released. (Rarely, having water in the stomach during MRI scans can interfere with cardiac imaging.)

Payment Method

For Japan Residents


  • Advance payment | Payable online via the invoice link sent to your contact email address or SNS accounts, through credit card or other online payment methods (please contact us if you wish to pay by bank transfer)

  • Same-Day Payment |  For those who have not paid in advance, added optional scans on the day of appointment, etc., payment will be processed at the reception desk or charged to the payment method used for advance payment. Credit cards, various e-money/QR code payments are accepted. (Please refrain from cash payments if possible.)

For Overseas Residents

  • We confirm appointments only after advance payment. Same applies for appointments made through an agent.

  • For agent-assisted bookings, please verify the billed amounts.

**If we cannot confirm payment of scanning fees etc. by the deadline after your booking inquiry, your appointment may be canceled without notice. Cancellation fees may also apply.

*If additional tests are added on the day of scan or shortly before per your request or doctor recommendation, or if additional costs arise for issuance of certificates, copying/mailing records and reports etc., you will be charged for these at the time of payment after the scans.

​Payment methods available for same-day payment (counter)


Credit Cards

Visa, Master, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, and other credit cards issued by banks, credit companies, and retail groups



Transportation IC cards such as Suica and Pasmo, iD, QUICPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay


QR Code Payments

PayPay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, LINE Pay

*UnionPay cards can be processed if they feature the Mastercard or other affiliated brand symbols.

[Examples of Adding Optional Scans Per Request or Doctor Recommendation]

  • If CT scan is changed to contrast-enhanced:
    JPY 25,000 +TAX

  • *Includes cases where MRI cannot be performed (changing from MRI to contrast CT)

  • If MRI is changed to contrast-enhanced:
    JPY 34,000 +TAX

  • If CT scan is added based on initial test findings:*A
    JPY 53,000 +TAX

  • If you wish to add scan area not specified on the price list:*B
    JPY 50,000 +TAX

  • Additional translation fee for A or B scenarios:
    JPY 30,000 +TAX

  • Express fee for expedited image CD:
    JPY 20,000 +TAX

  • Additional copy of test results (image CD + report) per set:
    JPY 7,000 +TAX

Cancellations, Date Changes, etc.

For Japan Residents

◇ Up to 7 days before test date: Free

◇ 6-4 days before test date: 50% of total test fees

◇ 3 days to 1 day before test date: 80% of total test fees

◇ On test date: 100% of test fees

◇ If test is canceled or rescheduled on test day per doctor judgment: 30,000 JPY doctor consultation fee (tax excluded)


For Overseas Residents

◇ Appointment date/time counts from the test date - Changes allowed up to 20 days prior (e.g. for a 9 AM appointment on the 30th, this would be 9 AM on the 10th) : Free

◇ Changes more than 19 days in advance of the test date (e.g. for a test booked for the 30th, up until the 11th; from the 12th the next item applies) - First change is free, further changes not allowed (will be treated as cancellation)

◇ Within 19 days of test date: Cancellation fee of 100% of booked fees

◇ If test is canceled or rescheduled on test day per doctor judgment: 30,000 JPY doctor consultation fee (tax excluded)


Regardless of residence in Japan/overseas, cases where pre-scan instructions provided were not adhered to, key information was not disclosed beforehand and the patient is deemed unable to undergo safe scanning on arrival, etc. will be treated as same-day cancellations. Delays, travel restrictions due to visa approvals, flight bookings, weather issues, accidents, day-of traffic restrictions etc. do not qualify as exceptions, so please plan accordingly.

Other Common Questions

Will I receive a receipt on the day of the appointment?

Yes, a receipt will be issued under the name of the patient.

*For Japan residents - For overseas residents (or agents), bank transfers or payment statements from advance payments will serve as receipts.

If I forget my booked appointment, can I change to another date?

Yes, that is possible. However, a 100% cancellation fee of the total test fees will be incurred, and you will need to make a new booking separately. In this case, the test fees will be charged in addition to the cancellation penalty.

Is it alright if I am not comfortable with Japanese?

Yes, but you must be accompanied by an interpreter designated by our hospital (separate fees apply/fees vary by plan).

Is it possible to still get the scans if my flight/traffic is delayed?

If you cannot arrive by the appointed check-in time (e.g. 9 AM for a 9 AM booking), you may not be able to get the scans, in which case cancellation fees will apply. However, if you arrive within 30 minutes past the check-in time and still wish to proceed, an additional doctor consultation fee of 30,000 JPY + tax will allow you to still get the scans. For delays exceeding 50 minutes past check-in, an additional 50,000 JPY + tax will be charged, but scans can still proceed.

Is it acceptable for an acquaintance or agency to translate my reports?

Yes, that is fine. However, unless arranged by an authorized agent, safety procedures mandate that interpretation/translation support must also be arranged through CVIC (separate fees apply/fees vary by plan). We cannot take any responsibility for or answer questions about any test reports not translated by CVIC.

Can the receipt be issued under a company name?

Yes, please let us know at the time of booking if you need a company name on the receipt. Same-day requests may require some wait time.

*For overseas residents/agents - Bank transfers or payment statements from advance payments will serve as receipts.

If I already made an advance payment/bank transfer, can I get a receipt later?

Yes, we can issue a receipt to the name used for payment. However, there will be a reissue handling fee of 1,000 JPY + tax. Please retain the proof of payment/transfer or credit card statement as your receipt.

Can an acquaintance or agency interpreter accompany me instead?

Yes, that is possible. However, unless the interpreter is arranged by an authorized agent, safety procedures mandate that interpretation/translation support must also be arranged through CVIC for the scans and to ensure adequate care (separate fees apply/fees vary by plan).

Can you translate my final report?

Yes, please let us know at the time of booking if you need translation. Translation fees will apply separately, and may vary based on the volume to translate and language choice.

Is there a waiting area for companions or family?

Unfortunately no dedicated space exists. However, our general waiting area is available. Only the patient and at most 1 support person/interpreter are allowed into the exam room, with up to 2-3 additional attendees allowed.
Please refrain from eating and drinking in our waiting area. If any incidental cleaning becomes necessary due to visitor consumption, any costs will be billed to the agent or patient.

The above summarizes key points to note for your cardiac exam appointment at CVIC. While some details may change without notice, please visit our website form  ( or call 03-5206-5956 for any other inquiries.

[Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi -CVIC-] Specialist team for cardiac MRI examinations, heart check-ups, and image diagnosis | Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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