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About infection prevention measures and online medical care

Our hospital's infection prevention measures against the new coronavirus

* Both doctors and staff measure the temperature every morning, wear masks, and diligently disinfect hands and fingers.
* The clinic is constantly ventilated.
* In the examination room, the room, table, and equipment are disinfected after each examination.
* In the examination room, ventilation is performed after each treatment, and the room, bed, and wash basin are disinfected.

Requests to patients

* Please wear a mask when you come to the hospital. (Please refrain from visiting the hospital if you are not wearing a mask.)
* A disinfectant solution is available at the entrance of the clinic, so if you come to the clinic, please disinfect your fingers first.
* If you are not feeling well, such as a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, coughing, or sore throat, please change your reservation.

[Before coming to the hospital]
If you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath and have returned from an area where the new coronavirus infection is endemic within 14 days, or if you have close contact with a patient with the new coronavirus infection, be sure to visit the nearest health center in advance. Please contact us by phone and receive instructions.

Information on online medical care

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

[Note: Online medical care is available only at the CVIC Satellite Clinic. ]


◆ In case of re-examination, in addition to visiting the hospital, you can also receive online medical treatment or telephone medical treatment.
◆ If you are using online medical care on your smartphone, it will be smooth if you register in advance using the "Google Meet" and "Hangouts Meet by Google" apps. If you are using a PC, you can enter the room as it is from the URL link sent to you.

* If you are a first-time visitor, please visit us.
* This is a special response when the coronavirus infection spreads.
* Please note that we may not be able to meet your request.
GoogleMeet (Android)
GoogleMeet (IPhone)

Online medical care flow

1. 1. Online connection or incoming call from our hospital

2. Confirmation of health insurance card, medical certificate, etc.

* Please have it ready in advance.

3. 3. Confirmation of payment method (credit card, PayPay, LINE Pay, bank transfer)

* Please pay by any of the above methods within the day after the medical examination. After asking for your preferred payment method, we will send you a payment form to your registered email address.

Four. Medical treatment

Five. Prescription

* If you have a prescription after medical treatment, we will fax the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, so please receive the prescription (please contact the pharmacy for how to receive it).

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
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