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【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区

Echocardiography is using the principle of ultrasound, can observe the real-time movement of the heart (figure A). The advantages of ultrasonography are that it has high time resolution in real time.It is very safe and easy to perform. Echocardiography can measure the size and movement of the heart and the thickness of the wall .


It is also the most accurate method for diagnosing cardiac valve abnormalities at this time (B). By using the color Doppler method, it is possible to display the blood flow in the heart in color according to its direction and speed, and to measure it accurately. This is useful for diagnosing the presence of regurgitation in the valves of the heart and the natural puncture of the heart wall. Stress electrocardiogram, it is possible to observe in real time how the movement and blood flow of the heart change when stress is applied to the heart.

【心臓画像クリニック飯田橋-CVIC-】心臓MRI検査・心臓ドック・画像診断のスペシャリストチーム | 東京都新宿区
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